Women Recover From Addiction With An Adventure Program Focused On Living Life

For women battling addiction, it can be challenging to imagine life in treatment, let alone what the recovery lifestyle could look like. An adventure program is an essential part of the recovery journey. At Findlay Recovery Center, we believe that a recovery plan focused on living life is essential to helping our women recover from addiction.

Creating A Recovery Lifestyle

Empowering women to recover from addiction is about creating a desirable life post-treatment. What could life be like without drugs or alcohol? An adventure program can help provide a snapshot of a post-addiction lifestyle that allows someone to thrive rather than simply survive. Engaging in activities that don’t revolve around that harmful substance is vital for preventing relapse and working towards a post-treatment life that is desirable and fun. Build a life in treatment that you can continue to enjoy post-recovery.

Being Sober Is Not Boring

While many people recovering may recognize that detox at a center is necessary, they might not be super engaged with the sober lifestyle. An adventure program proves that being sober is not dull. Women can achieve their goals without being held back by addiction. What’s more exciting than the freedom to drive, climb or run, without the cloud of that substance hanging over you? Many clients are surprised by how exciting the sober life seems after time on our adventure programs.

You Are More Than Your Addiction

After a lifetime or even a few weeks with an addiction, your life might feel limited. Enhancing the recovery experience with an adventure program lets clients see that they are more than their addiction. A taste of adventure proves to the individual that they are more than just someone going through treatment, whether it’s that sense of personal achievement or seeing someone else reach their goals while in recovery.

Tackling Fears Head On

There’s nothing more satisfying than facing your fears head-on. As someone in recovery, you’ve already achieved one of the biggest challenges in recognizing you need help. An adventure program helps individuals go one step further in achieving their goals. Why stop at recovery? Rock climbing, mountain biking, or any aspect of an adventure program helps those in recovery continue to succeed and live life even during treatment.

Recover Together 

An adventure program focused on living life lets women recover together. Everyone is in recovery together, with many staff on the program also in recovery themselves. An adventure program takes recovery out of just a clinical or therapy-based setting and lets those in treatment bond with those in the same position as they are. Recovery is not an isolating process.

Sample a life free from addiction with an adventure program. If you want to find out more about the Findlay Recovery Center’s adventure program for women, talk to one of our friendly advisors today. Our program focuses on living life to the full, so our clients can enjoy a rewarding life during and after their time with us.

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