4 Reasons To Consider Medical Detox in Ohio Drug Rehab

Different stages of recovery are tough in different ways. Detox is hard, as it can very unpleasant and even dangerous in some cases. However, it is also necessary to go through the withdrawal stage in order to begin treatment and recovery. If you are serious about getting sober and staying that way, here are some important reasons for you to consider a medical detox. 

Reasons You Should Consider Medical Detox in Ohio

4 Reasons You Should Consider Medical Detox in Ohio

You’re more likely to follow through

Detox can be a miserable experience. If you’re trying to quit opioids, for example, you will likely experience symptoms that feel like a really bad flu for several days. These symptoms can include diarrhea, vomiting, shaking, sweating, joint and muscle aches, anxiety, runny nose, and insomnia. Many people who attempt to detox at home without medical assistance might make it through a couple of days of these kinds of symptoms and then give up, deciding the pain isn’t worth it. It’s very difficult to go through the withdrawal stage of detox when you know that you can stop the discomfort just by using again. Detoxing in a facility increases your commitment to sticking to your recovery. 

Detox can be dangerous

Opioid withdrawal can be painful, but the greatest danger is actually from dehydration caused by nausea and vomiting. Quitting substance abuse is not usually dangerous in itself. However, if you’re giving up alcohol, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates, you can experience more severe withdrawal symptoms, including seizures or psychotic episodes. These symptoms can be fatal. If you detox in a medical facility, the staff can keep a close eye on you and step in quickly if your withdrawal symptoms become dangerous. 

It’s hard to take care of yourself during withdrawal

When you’re struggling with symptoms like a bad headache or stomach cramps, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to get up and make food for yourself, or stay on top of any of the other things you usually do to take care of yourself without thinking about it. 

Detoxing alone can put you at risk. For example, if your withdrawal symptoms suddenly get worse, you may become disoriented and confused, and be unable to get help. In this state, you could have an accident. At a medical detox facility, there will be people around you to care for you if your condition gets worse. 

Medical detox staff can ease the withdrawal symptoms

Detoxing at home is usually a much more miserable experience than it has to be. There are DIY detox websites that will suggest that you stock up on Imodium and Gatorade before you attempt a detox. These aren’t bad suggestions, but medical detox can do a lot more for you. 

For example, with medical detox, you will usually be given an IV with vitamins to help with replacing lost fluids and to correct nutritional imbalances. Medical detox can also manage a taper and give your medication to treat the worst of your symptoms. If you’re having medication to assist with treatment for opioid addiction, you may not detox all the way, saving yourself a few days of misery. 

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