Huntington, West Virginia Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Center

Huntington is located in the Cabell and Wayne counties of West Virginia. It’s the second-largest city in West Virginia, famous for the Port of Huntington Tri-State, the second busiest inland port in the United States. Huntington has a rich industrial center based around oil, coal, steel, and chemicals.

Addiction in Huntington, West Virginia

Huntington is, unfortunately, one of the worst-hit cities in the United States for opioid addiction. Huntington also has the highest rate of drug-and alcohol-related deaths in West Virginia, at 8.49% between 2008 and 2017. 

Opioid addiction has ravaged the United States as a whole, in part because of the overprescription of pain medication. This led many people to become dependent on opioids, which meant that they became less effective as painkillers.

Many of these people turned to stronger opioids, such as heroin, and, since the rise of fentanyl used to further increase the potency of these drugs, fatal overdose rates have skyrocketed. These substances require intensive treatment at a dedicated recovery center. Huntington has suffered from an overloaded healthcare system, especially when it comes to substance abuse disorders, meaning that people have struggled to find an appropriate Huntington, West Virginia Substance Abuse Detox Center.

Finding a Huntington, West Virginia Substance Abuse Detox Center

The first hurdle to overcoming an addiction is realizing that you have a problem. This is difficult but necessary for recovery. The good news is that, once you accept that you are suffering from an addiction or substance abuse disorder, then you can find help. 

Findlay Recovery Center offers services designed to help people who have an alcohol or drug addiction. These addictions can be dangerous and impossible to treat without specialized and skilled medical care. 

Alcohol and many drugs make your body physically dependent on them. This means that you will need to undergo a heavily supervised detoxification program to rid your body of the drug. The withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be severe, which is why having trained medical professionals on your side is so important. 

These medical professionals can support you or your loved one throughout this process, making sure that you can detox safely. The program itself may differ, depending on the severity of the addiction and on the substance, as different substances affect the body in different ways.

After detoxification, you may require a stay in a residential treatment facility. A residential facility provides a safe, stable place for you to stay so that you can transition back into life with the tools to cope with your addiction. 

Residents enjoy comfortable lodgings. They also have the opportunity to go through individual, group, and family therapies. Treatment plans are offered in these residential facilities, designed to help the residents to become better equipped and to tackle the challenges of life. If you or a loved one are suffering from a substance abuse disorder or addiction, then contact Findlay Recovery Center to learn more about how you can get the help you need to recover.

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