How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely

Alcohol addiction kills approximately 95,000 people every year. This doesn’t include the victims of drunk driving or tragic accidents. Substance abuse also plays a top role in most child welfare removals. 

If you are ready to stop drinking alcohol safely, consider the following signs of addiction and how to stop drinking alcohol safely before making your decision. 

If you are considering rehab to learn how to quit drinking, develop healthy coping skills, and manage your stress in positive and productive ways, Findlay Recovery Center is an inclusive alcohol addiction treatment center ready to support you or your loved one through every step of the process.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

If you believe that you or a loved one are struggling with an alcohol use disorder, it is important to consider the following factors to see what kind of help is necessary.

The first signs of alcohol addiction relate to personal relationships. Alcoholism affects personal relationships and may cause dramatic changes in personal relationships, friend groups, or family problems. These issues will also manifest through issues at work, school, and home. 

Alcohol addiction also increases the likelihood that individuals will engage in risky behavior, like drinking and driving or having unprotected sex. These types of risk-taking behaviors vary, but are also more likely to cause harm or injury due to the effects of alcohol.

Finally, if you’ve tried to stop drinking and couldn’t, found yourself drinking more or more frequently than you planned, spent a lot of time sick or hungover, or had withdrawal symptoms after a period of not drinking, it may be time to consider rehabilitation as these are classic signs of addiction. 

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely

There are many ways to stop drinking alcohol safely, but addiction can cause relapses and increased difficulty in stopping drinking.  While cutting back and stopping drinking are different, they both have the same goal of ingesting less alcohol, making their methods similar.

To quit drinking on your own over a period of time, it may be valuable to make a plan for how often or how much you are going to drink and reduce this over time until you are no longer drinking. This method, called weening, can be effective for individuals who are motivated to reduce or stop their alcohol intake, but does provide frequent opportunities for individuals to relapse or return to bouts of heavy drinking.

Another way to stop drinking alcohol safely, which may be more difficult, is through detoxification and an alcohol addiction treatment program. Detoxification from alcohol should always be monitored, and preferably, medically monitored to ensure the safety and health of your body while it goes through withdrawal. This can be done at an addiction treatment program or through outpatient 12-step programs, like alcoholics anonymous, which supports individuals through abstinence and sobriety.

If you think an addiction treatment program is the best way for you to stop drinking alcohol safely, then you should consider Findlay Recovery Center.

Reach Out to Findlay Recovery Center

At Findlay Recovery Center, our goal is your wellness, both mental, physical, and emotional. We want to work with our clients to create a total-body wellness experience in our new affordable addiction treatment center in Findlay, Ohio. 

We take your choice to get help with alcohol addiction seriously, by curating individualized treatment plans that focus on treating the root causes of your addiction through traditional cognitive behavioral therapy as well as alternative therapies that embrace movement, decision-making skills, and increasing motivation. 

Our new facility offers comfortable amenities, cafeteria spaces, and relaxing outdoor gathering spaces. Our shared rooms have conveniently attached bathrooms and small living spaces to provide a relaxing environment for all of our clients. 

Group and individual therapy will help you develop the skills necessary for managing stressors and triggers that can arise in the real world. Our compassionate and skilled clinicians and technicians are ready for each and every client on their path to recovery.

Call Findlay Recovery Center today. 

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