Partial Hospitalization​

Findlay Recovery Center is a newly renovated, affordable drug and alcohol rehab centrally located in Findlay, Ohio. We offer tailor-made treatment for substance abuse. There are many different treatment options for addiction treatment. Narrowing down which treatment is best for you and your specific needs can be a long and daunting decision.

While some may need the more rigorous service of inpatient care, that might not be suitable for everyone. Partial hospitalization care is a safe and effective addiction treatment for those who do not need the more stringent environment of in-house addiction treatment. Findlay Recovery Center offers partial hospitalization addiction treatment in Ohio.


What is Partial Hospitalization? ​

What exactly is a partial hospitalization program, or PHP, and what does it entail? PHP provides an opportunity for those needing addiction treatment to receive an intensive treatment plan without requiring an overnight stay at an addiction treatment facility. PHP is a form of outpatient drug and alcohol treatment.

Partial hospitalization may be an aftercare for an individual leaving an inpatient treatment facility or the beginning of treatment for someone needing lighter addiction treatment. The level of treatment is determined according to the individual’s history of drug and alcohol use.

Those enrolled in a PHP are expected to adhere to a structured schedule. PHP consists of several hours of therapy and skill-building treatment services every day. This is ideal for those who do not require 24-hour care but require a reliable support system.

PHP treatment commonly includes cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. These programs are designed to help address negative thought patterns that lead to addiction, regulate emotions, and develop new and healthy coping strategies.

Partial hospitalization programs may also provide individual, group, and family counseling sessions. Additional therapies, such as music or art, can also be found in a PHP. These programs help individuals gradually ease back into a healthy lifestyle.

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What is the difference between an inpatient program and a partial hospitalization program?​

An inpatient program requires an overnight stay with 24/7 supervised care. While in an inpatient center, you will spend your day in therapy, treatment sessions, or participating in alternative therapies. Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive care you can receive.

An inpatient facility will provide meals, medical care, housing, and other various services. The duration of this care varies according to each individual’s needs. Because of these benefits, inpatient care is more expensive.

A partial hospitalization program is a form of an outpatient program that offers intensive care. PHP allows an individual to go home and be with their loved ones at the end of the day. For these reasons, PHP is an excellent option for those who have recently completed an inpatient program but still want stable support.

This outpatient program is more intense than other outpatient programs. During this program, an individual is required to attend several hours of treatment each day. The duration of the treatment varies from case to case. Treatment plans should be tailored to the needs of each individual to ensure successful outcomes.

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What to Expect During Partial Hospitalization in Ohio​

Each partial hospitalization program will offer different treatment services. Typically, you will find partial hospitalization programs will include the following services:

Medically supervised detox
The process of assisting the body in ridding drugs and alcohol from its system. Detox has a wide range of symptoms. Serious detox symptoms will need medical help to ensure safety.

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling sessions with a therapist will help understand the reason behind the unhealthy behaviors that led to addiction. Working through these behaviors will assist in working through addiction.

Group Therapy
Group therapy led by a professional therapist allows addicts to relate to one another. The relationships developed in group therapy can be integral to long-term recovery.

Behavioral Therapy
The purpose of behavioral therapy is to unearth the negative thoughts that lead to substance abuse. One possible method of behavioral therapy is cognitive therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy guides an individual to change behavior by identifying and replacing negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns.

Aftercare Planning
Preparing a plan for life outside of treatment. It is essential for those struggling with addiction to have a plan. Planning prevents relapse. Knowing the next step during recovery provides stability and allows for coping strategies needed to stay sober.

Additionally, they might be given contacts for sober living homes, 12-step programs, and other communities to join for support after treatment.

Holistic Treatment
A holistic approach compliments addiction treatment. A partial hospitalization program in Ohio might include art classes, yoga, equine therapy, or music therapy classes. Soothing hobbies aid in long-term recovery.

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Medical drug & alcohol detoxification services in Ohio at Findlay Recovery.

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Our residential inpatient rehab program in Ohio is designed to meet your individual needs.

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Tailor-Made Therapies

Each client will receive a tailor-made treatment plan that uses a variety of therapies.

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We help plan every step of your journey from aftercare to alumni events, stay connected.


Our Modern Facility Has Everything You Need.

We have a new look! Findlay Recovery Center is centrally located in Findlay, Ohio, within driving distance of Toledo and Columbus. Our residential compound was designed to help offer quality, evidence-based programming alongside modern amenities. Findlay Recovery Center is a one-stop-shop for lasting addiction recovery.


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What are the Benefits of Partial Hospitalization?​

Partial hospitalization is not suitable for everyone battling addiction. Those who would benefit fit the following:

• Need close medical supervision without the need for a residential treatment program.

• A traditional outpatient program does not provide enough support

• Have a robust and healthy support system at home with family and friends.

• Have a stable home environment and reliable transport to get to the daily therapy sessions

• Completed an inpatient program

• The ability to adhere to the rigorous schedule and structure of a PHP program

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

If you want to make sure that this recovery process is one that yields the long-term and lasting results that you’re looking for, you simply need to rely on us here at our inpatient rehab. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can guide you through the process, as well as the facilities in which you’ll thrive and be cared for.

It all starts with you getting in touch with us and letting us know more about your situation and which of our services you want to make use of. We will, of course, be more than happy to offer you guidance and let you know which option will be the most suitable and appropriate one for you. 

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Our 5-Star Reviews

I would recommend this recovery center to my family and to all my loved ones. All the staff here is excellent. You could tell that the staff truly cared about each client that walked through the door here. They took the time to listen to you and to understand you. They were always there to help you in whatever way they could. Listening to the staff tell their stories of their own recovery helped me with my recovery. I can’t say enough positive things about this center. Please don’t hesitate to call them.



This place is amazing! The facility is immaculate, and the rooms are huge like a large hotel room with a TV and showers in each room. The staff is so wonderful, understanding, and very compassionate. They are always there to help you in any way they can. If you are looking for a detox/residential facility, look no further! Give them a call and start your path to recovery out RIGHT by attending the program at Findlay Recovery Center today!



Great facility I highly recommend.  Great staff all around who really care for you.  Excellent food and small groups that are all supportive of each other's recovery.  Loved my time here!



My experience at Findlay was absolutely AMAZING! All of the staff, nurses, Doctors, and patients were amazing. I will always keep Findlay close to my heart and I'm internally grateful for everything they have done for me. Not to mention the food is BOMB for every meal. I 100% recommend this facility to anyone seeking help!



My stay at FRC was more than i could imagine. my detox process was very well maintained by the staff. the staff was more than helpful, the other clients were very helpful and gave a lot of support as well as the staff gave tremendous support.



I've been to 3 treatment centers, and I was scared going to my third one here at Findlay but I was finally ready to get clean and stay clean. Findlay made me comfortable, especially during detox, and gave me the push I wasn't going to give myself. The groups made a huge impact on my recovery and the information I have learned will stick with me forever. At Findlay, every single other person here starting their journey with me I  connected with and never felt alone.




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At Findlay Recovery Center, we know the struggles of addiction. You do not need to feel alone in your addiction recovery process. We are here to help. There is hope for a substance-free life.

Findlay Recovery Center has a PHP program designed for lasting recovery. Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to helping others fight addiction.

Our therapists, counselors, doctors, and psychiatrists know first-hand how devastating substance abuse can be and will walk with you every step of your recovery journey.

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