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Drug addiction is a complex disease that can take a toll on both the individual suffering from it and their loved ones. In Pennsylvania, there is hope for those struggling with addiction with the help of Findlay Recovery. With experienced medical professionals guiding the way, patients can receive personalized treatments and therapies to address their unique needs.


Understanding Addiction In Pennsylvania​

Addiction is a complex and intricate issue that affects many people in Pennsylvania. Understanding the root causes and factors contributing to addiction can improve how we tackle this issue, providing better treatment and support for those in need.
Some key factors that may contribute to addiction in Pennsylvania include:

Socioeconomic factors, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to education and healthcare.
Trauma, including childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, and other adverse experiences.
Mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
Genetic predisposition and family history of addiction.
Easy access to addictive substances, including prescription drugs, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

To tackle addiction effectively, a holistic strategy is needed, encompassing prevention, treatment, recovery, and support services. It is essential to combat the stigma associated with addiction to enhance outcomes and ensure more individuals receive the necessary assistance. In Indiana, numerous resources such as hotlines, support groups, and treatment centers are accessible to those facing addiction challenges.

Ohio Based Drug & Alcohol Detox Center
Ohio Based Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

Addiction Treatment Services in Ohio

Ohio addiction recovery center


Medical drug & alcohol detoxification services in Ohio at Findlay Recovery.

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Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient rehab program in Ohio is designed to meet your individual needs.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Medical Detox in Ohio

Tailor-Made Therapies

Each client will receive a tailor-made treatment plan that uses a variety of therapies.

Ohio drug rehab center

Aftercare & Alumni

We help plan every step of your journey from aftercare to alumni events, stay connected.


Our Modern Facility Has Everything You Need.

We have a new look! Findlay Recovery Center is centrally located in Findlay, Ohio, within driving distance of Toledo and Columbus. Our residential compound was designed to help offer quality, evidence-based programming alongside modern amenities. Findlay Recovery Center is a one-stop-shop for lasting addiction recovery.


On-Site Client Salon & Spa​

Semi-Private Rooms​

Flat Screen TVs in Every Room​

Client Lounge & Library​

24/7 Cafeteria & Nutritious Meals​

Wellness Activities​

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Ohio addiction recovery center


Pennsylvania Addiction Statistics​

Addiction impacts countless lives across Pennsylvania. The devastating consequences are widespread throughout communities in the state. Attorney General Michelle A. Henry identifies the heroin and opioid epidemic as the state’s paramount public health and safety challenge.

In 2021 alone, Pennsylvania witnessed a staggering 5,168 overdose-related deaths, averaging 14 fatalities per day, underscoring the alarming escalation of the crisis.
It’s deeply troubling to recognize that addiction, a condition treatable with proper support and intervention, lies at the heart of these tragedies.
The National Archives reports an unsettling statistic: approximately 7.99 percent of Pennsylvania residents admitted to past-month illicit drug use, indicating a troubling trend of escalating substance abuse within the state.

As these statistics keep climbing, it is crucial to take immediate action to address the addiction crisis affecting Pennsylvania. By working together and implementing strategic planning, safe and nurturing environments can be created for individuals struggling with addiction. This will offer them the necessary resources and assistance to begin their journey towards recovery.

Our 5-Star Reviews

I would recommend this recovery center to my family and to all my loved ones. All the staff here is excellent. You could tell that the staff truly cared about each client that walked through the door here. They took the time to listen to you and to understand you. They were always there to help you in whatever way they could. Listening to the staff tell their stories of their own recovery helped me with my recovery. I can’t say enough positive things about this center. Please don’t hesitate to call them.



This place is amazing! The facility is immaculate, and the rooms are huge like a large hotel room with a TV and showers in each room. The staff is so wonderful, understanding, and very compassionate. They are always there to help you in any way they can. If you are looking for a detox/residential facility, look no further! Give them a call and start your path to recovery out RIGHT by attending the program at Findlay Recovery Center today!



Great facility I highly recommend.  Great staff all around who really care for you.  Excellent food and small groups that are all supportive of each other's recovery.  Loved my time here!



My experience at Findlay was absolutely AMAZING! All of the staff, nurses, Doctors, and patients were amazing. I will always keep Findlay close to my heart and I'm internally grateful for everything they have done for me. Not to mention the food is BOMB for every meal. I 100% recommend this facility to anyone seeking help!



My stay at FRC was more than i could imagine. my detox process was very well maintained by the staff. the staff was more than helpful, the other clients were very helpful and gave a lot of support as well as the staff gave tremendous support.



I've been to 3 treatment centers, and I was scared going to my third one here at Findlay but I was finally ready to get clean and stay clean. Findlay made me comfortable, especially during detox, and gave me the push I wasn't going to give myself. The groups made a huge impact on my recovery and the information I have learned will stick with me forever. At Findlay, every single other person here starting their journey with me I  connected with and never felt alone.



Exploring Support and Positivity at Findlay Recovery Center​

Pennsylvania is currently grappling with addiction issues, leading many individuals to seek assistance. While seeking treatment may appear overwhelming, it is vital to focus on your health, well-being, and future success. Taking the step to ask for help is a significant stride, and Findlay Recovery Center is dedicated to supporting you throughout this challenging process. Our center is devoted to demonstrating that recovery from addiction is achievable and sustainable. We serve as a living testament to this principle within our facility.

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What to Consider When Looking for a Rehabilitation Center?​

When searching for drug rehabilitation centers near Pennsylvania, it is crucial to consider several factors that can significantly influence the recovery journey for yourself or a loved one. Key aspects to evaluate include the available treatments, specialization in treating specific addictions and dual diagnosis, referrals, location, and expenses. These factors play a vital role in the success of rehabilitation and in preventing relapses.

Recovery from substance abuse is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each addiction has its own narrative, and each person’s path to recovery is distinct. Therefore, a personalized treatment plan is essential as not all individuals respond the same way to treatment approaches. Catering to individual needs throughout the treatment process is essential for achieving effective and enduring recovery, resulting in higher success rates.

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Pick up the phone, fill out a form or chat with us below to get started on your free consultation and treatment assessment.

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Complete Pre-Assessment

Once you reach a Findlay Recovery Center treatment coordinator, we will do a simple pre-assessment to make sure we’re a good fit for you.

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Plan Travel & Admit

Our caring treatment advisors will help plan travel & anything else you need before you enter our drug rehab program in Ohio!


What To Expect From An Addiction Treatment Facility ​

When considering treatment for drug addiction at a rehab center near Pennsylvania, here are the elements you can expect:

Assessment: Before starting treatment, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted to assess the extent of your addiction and any accompanying mental health issues.

Detoxification: If necessary, you will undergo supervised detox to manage withdrawal symptoms safely.

Treatment plan: A personalized plan will be tailored to you, incorporating individual and group therapy, behavioral therapies, medication management, and support groups.

Therapy: Participate in therapy sessions to explore the underlying causes of your addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and establish strategies to prevent relapse.

Holistic approaches: Some rehab centers near Pennsylvania offer holistic treatments such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and physical exercise to support the healing of your mind, body, and spirit throughout the recovery process.

Aftercare planning: A plan will be created to assist you in reintegrating into daily life and maintaining your sobriety. This may involve ongoing therapy, involvement in 12-step programs, and engagement in support groups.

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Findlay Recovery Center: Assisting Pennsylvania With Addiction Recovery

At Findlay Recovery Center, our dedication lies in aiding Pennsylvania in overcoming addiction. We stand out as a premier substance abuse rehabilitation facility, acknowledging addiction as a disease rather than a choice. Located near Pennsylvania, our addiction recovery center adopts a personalized approach to crafting individualized addiction treatment plans for each client. By collaborating, we can effectively combat addiction and promote lasting recovery. Here are some ways our customized addiction recovery treatment plans can help shape a comprehensive care strategy for each individual:

We establish safe and welcoming environments for support groups and counseling sessions, offering the emotional backing and accountability required.
Our compassionate and experienced staff, including doctors and clinicians, oversee the recovery journey and strive to ensure a comfortable and secure rehabilitation process.
Emphasizing holistic treatments, we aim to impart healthy lifestyle practices that can be easily maintained, nurturing long-term recovery by fostering a positive balance for the mind, body, and spirit.
Our therapy services blend traditional and modern techniques to address the underlying causes of addiction effectively, leading to sustainable recovery outcomes.
Featuring luxury amenities, our facility provides diversions to aid in the recovery process and create a soothing environment.
Thoughtfully designed public spaces within our facility promote healthy interactions and behaviors, fostering additional support.
We offer dual-diagnosis treatment to cater to the mental health requirements typically associated with addiction, acknowledging that understanding and addressing underlying issues are essential for recovery.
Findlay Recovery Center offers areas that encourage physical activities and engaging hobbies as healthy alternatives to substance use, demonstrating that a sober lifestyle can be enriching and enjoyable.
Our ongoing care stresses community engagement and social connections to combat isolation and establish a strong support system.
Through family therapy and workshops, we impart skills for cultivating healthy relationships, reducing enabling behaviors, and minimizing the risk of substance abuse and other harmful activities.


Get Help at Our Pennsylvania

Drug Rehab

Acknowledging a struggle with drugs or alcohol is the first step on your recovery journey. Admittedly, accepting that you need help to overcome addiction may be one of the most challenging aspects of your path to sobriety. Contacting Findlay to learn more about our drug rehab in Pennsylvania, is an essential second step you can make for your health and recovery. Our caring and compassionate recovery team at our drug and alcohol rehab understands the decision is not easy. Our admissions team is here to provide support and guidance throughout every step of your journey leading to treatment. Addiction, although complex and challenging to overcome, can be defeated. The help you need to put addiction behind you is waiting at Findlay. Contact us today.

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Explore Our Calming Environment

The environment surrounding a rehabilitation facility significantly influences its success. Positive and negative surroundings can impact recovery outcomes. Therefore, a thoughtful approach is essential when designing a drug rehab facility near Pennsylvania to prioritize the needs of patients and staff. At Findlay Recovery Center, we go to great lengths to create an environment that caters to both our staff and clients, resulting in a high success rate for long-term recovery. Here are some of the quality accommodations we offer at our facility:

Our rehabilitation center is specifically designed to foster healing and recovery in a serene setting.
Thoughtfully crafted spaces that cater to various therapeutic activities and support group sessions.
Layout that promotes movement and social interaction while ensuring privacy and safety.
Comfortable living spaces that offer accessibility and a sense of home during challenging times.
Carefully chosen materials, colors, and textures that are durable, low-maintenance, and contribute to a positive atmosphere.
Integration of natural elements like plants and natural light for a rejuvenating effect.
Utilization of cutting-edge technology to enhance treatment and monitoring.
Adherence to all relevant regulations and standards to safeguard patient well-being.
A nurturing culture cultivated for empathetic and supportive care. Our team includes staff members who have personal experience with recovery, either through their journey or supporting a loved one, to offer enhanced support and demonstrate that recovery is achievable.

Treatment Expectations At Findlay Recovery Center

At Findlay Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a complex and deeply personal issue that affects individuals differently. Therefore, we offer personalized treatment programs that incorporate evidence-based therapies to address the underlying causes of addiction. Our compassionate team of highly-trained professionals provides support and care to every individual who walks through our doors.

We believe that addiction recovery is a journey, and we are committed to walking that journey with you every step of the way. Our center provides a range of services, including residential treatment, detoxification care, and aftercare support to help you achieve lasting success.

As a community of people dedicated to helping others overcome addiction, Findlay Recovery Center is more than just a treatment center. We welcome you, or someone you love, to reach out to us and learn more about how we can help you reclaim your life.


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